perjantai 31. tammikuuta 2014

Ruusu tälle päivälle.

Tänään on viimeinen päivä asunnossa, jossa olemme asuneet 5 1/2 vuotta. Tämä aika pyöreässä funkkistalossa ansaitsee ruusun.

Yksi blogi, jota seuraan inspiroivan tunnelman vuoksi, on SANCTUARY (yllä oleva kuva myös lainattu sieltä). Viimeisimmässä blokkauksessa oli inspiroiva kirjoitus. Siinä puetaan mielestäni todella hyvin sanoiksi luomisen tuska, sisäisen inspiraation tuoma jännite ja tunteiden vyöry. Ja ihanasti rohkaistaan keskittymään hetki kerrallaan siihen mikä on hyvää ja kaivertamaan arjesta aikaa oman luovuuden työstämiselle. Rakkaudesta käsin. 

Otan tämän rohkaisuksi tälle vuodelle:

"Over the past years I’ve gone through stages of total frustration, 

desperately yearning for something more, 

a deeper creative outlet - 

then getting frustrated over being frustrated… 

Last year I decided to devote a journal to my creative pursuits

and where I hoped these would lead. 

At that point I made a promise to myself 

never to write anything down between those black covers 

if it was coming from a place of despair. 

I began to make sure that this thing that I loved so much 

would not be tainted 

with frustration, comparison, anything negative, 

but should be cherished, nourished and nurtured. 

And that’s when something quiet but certain began to take room. 

A lightness about things and a restful knowledge 

that any aspirations would move on at their own pace, 

unforced, when the time is ripe.

So much is going through my head right now,

but in essence I guess I wanted to encourage 

anyone else who perhaps recognises 

this struggle and joy and frustration in themselves 

to keep nudging, cherishing and honing that thing 

that makes you happy inside, whatever it may be. 

To keep every sense wide open 

to the bigger or smaller opportunities

and take hold of those threads of hope 

that life throws your way. 

And to consciously carve that space to do what you love. 

The next year and a half are glistening in front of me,  

and whatever may or may not happen after that 

remains a mystery.  

But walking that path that's in tune with one's heart 

is as good as it gets."

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